(Fear The) Fear The Walking Dead

Hello world. No preamble today, as time is of the essence. I don’t like Zombies. I don’t like Zombie movies. I don’t like Zombie books. That’s me. But there are a couple of exceptions. Among the very few is the series “The walking dead“. The reason I normally don’t like Zombie stories is that most of these amounts to pointless and gruesome bloodbath, not unlike a … Continue reading (Fear The) Fear The Walking Dead


Take THAT, UFC200!

Hello everyone, welcome back to another installment of UFC PPV AfterMMAth. It seems like anyone with the ability to express themselves spoke of one thing and one thing only these past few weeks – UFC200. Not that it’s not important mind you. After all, it’s not every day that the number one star and headliner of a milestone PPV calls shenanigans via twitter and throws the … Continue reading Take THAT, UFC200!


UFC 197 – Predictions

Hi everybody! Millions of words must have been spilled about the return of the Light Heavyweight king, Jon “Bones” Jones. What can I add? Only my excitement and anticipation. What shape is Jon in? What state of mind? How big of a challenge will OSP be? Saint Preux has already shown us that he’s not to be looked down at. This isn’t a walk in … Continue reading UFC 197 – Predictions


A Fan’s UFC 200 Conspiracy theory

Hello MMA fans and everyone else! In the past few weeks, we’ve seen updates from UFC regarding the card of their upcoming seminal event – UFC 200 scheduled for July 9th, 2016. To sum up fan reactions (including this fan right here) in a word, it feels – Underwhelming. So far, three fights were announced: Cain Velasquez vs. Travis Browne Gegard Mousasi vs. Derek Brunson … Continue reading A Fan’s UFC 200 Conspiracy theory


5 Tips To Make You A Better Troll

Hello there, For so many reasons, this blog was not updated in the past couple of weeks. Instead of listing them all, let’s just say life happens. I wrote in the past about how to deal with trolls, you know, these irritating people whose existence seems to be solely for the purpose of annoying us online. However, trolls are people too, and if you’re a … Continue reading 5 Tips To Make You A Better Troll


There’s A Lesson In There Somewhere

Good morning folks. Somewhere, Ronda Rousey sat last night muttering “Unbelievable… I lost the title just so… Miesha Tate will now hold it?” If you did not enjoy UFC 196, I seriously don’t know what else they can offer. It’s not about who you were behind on the fights, if you had a favorite. It’s about the beauty of this sport. The hype leads up … Continue reading There’s A Lesson In There Somewhere


UFC 196 – Predictions

Hi everybody! 2016 Started with a bang and then a PPV that turned into a free card. But that’s ok, because once more, it’s a title fight between two of my favorite WMMA fighters – Miesha Tate and Holly Holm. And if that’s not enough, There’s that Mystic Mac fighting Nate Diaz. Need more? Didn’t think so. So with no further ado, let the predicting of … Continue reading UFC 196 – Predictions


What’s In A Corner?

Well, Hello there. Welcome back to this humble spot, where today, we will talk about one of the cornerstones of MMA. That is, quite literally – Cornering a fighter. Keep in mind that I am no fighter, but a fight fan and as such I have an opinion based on extensive viewing on the one hand, and somewhat intelligent guess-work on the other.This is not … Continue reading What’s In A Corner?